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Dominator Paddy

    Supersuosittu Dominator on uudistunut. Täysin uusi rakenne, sisällä putkimaiset kennot, joten jäykkyys pysyy ja kokoalueella sama. Edelleen aukeaa kätevästi kahteen suuntaan ja pressu estää veden imeytymisen...eli ei ala tuoksumaan... CRASHPAD FOR THE MOST DEMANDING BOULDERISTS, RECOMMENDED FOR HIGHBALLS AND MAXIMALLY EQUIPPED WITH ALL FEATURES. FILLED WITH NEW PATENTED OCUN SOLUTION FTS ABSORPTION BLOCK®. Construction: 2-piece, two way opening – Two in One SIZE® Dimensions: 1,0 × 1,32 m or 2,0 × 0,66 m Thickness: 14 cm Inner filling: 20 mm PE foam / 110 mm FTS Absorption Block® / 10 mm PUR foam Outside cover: CORDURA® Ballistic and Cordura 650d with Teflon® fabric protector Color: yellow Features: aluminum hook buckles, 2 locking velcro straps stopping the pad to close without a purpose, carpet 50 × 30 cm, padded shoulder strap for carrying, 2 rubber handles, side multipurpose fixation loops Weight: 5,4 kg FTS Absorption BlockFoam Tubes Suspension® is a suspension block of completely new and original patented construction. Most of the suspension pads are based on a principle of horizontal layering of foams with different features. Mostly used system is tough polyethylene foam on the top, which is distributing the pressure as plate to the middle polyurethane foam. This serves as main deformation area. In some constructions one can find also bottom, anti-breakthrough, layer from polyethylene foam. This system can be only effective if you fall in the middle of the pad. In case you hit sides or a connection point, the suspension becomes less effective. FTS is differing from all other systems mainly in the parameter that the composition of foams is not horizontal but vertical. It has the same damping features in the whole area of the pad including sides. How does it work? A top plate from polyethylene foam is underlayed not only by polyurethane foam with open cells, which release air while pressed. Inside of the polyurethane block, there are systematically placed tube supports from polyethylene foam with closed cells. Resistance against pressure is by this system larger and evenly spread to side parts of the pad. Deformation of polyethylene foam tubes caused by the pressure is develo-ping to the sides, thus helping to increase the overall dam-ping efficiency of the whole block. Best regards

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